Wednesday, 2 September 2009

my first bag

This was a bag i made for my sisters birthday. I followed a free pattern on the internet and found this gorgeous thick fabric in the local quilt shop. I was expecting the bag to be quite difficult to make but the instructions and diagrams are so clear that it only took me a couple of hours to make and was pretty easy ( the only thing I did wrong, due to rushing, was taping the pattern together the wrong way so my bag turned out smaller than it should have done but it still looked good when finished!)


  1. Hi Wendy! Your buttercup bag looks great, lovely fabric. Love the name you've chosen for your blog too! Looking forward to seeing more from you.
    Rachel - contented

  2. Brilliant Wendy, cant believe that only took you a couple of hours. Clare x

  3. Looks good...yes it is easy to make..I have made up one too...hugs Khris

  4. Nice bag! looking forward to seeing your new one!