Thursday, 3 September 2009

baby quilt

This is the first quilt I've made and whilst making it I was thinking it'd be my last! I didn't realise just how long it would take to make and how difficult it would be! Each stage took loads longer than i expected and I found it difficult to sew the squares together so that each strip of squares would fit toegther and have neat corners.

In the end i don't think it mattered too much as you don't really notice and I think it adds to the hand made charm of it. I love the end result-it was really snuggly and if it hadn't been in baby colours I think I would have been tempted to keep it myself!

The quilt was for my friends second and baby and my friends really loved it. Now to get started on a quilt for myself!


  1. that's a beautiful quilt, but you must make more! the more you make, the faster they go together (not for me) LOL

  2. Lovely baby quilt......
    Cath Ü