Thursday, 17 September 2009

a crinkly toy

I finally found put how to make a toy crinkly sounding by using cereal packet bags.
I washed the bags that the cereal is in from inside the box and layered 2 pieces of it with some wadding.
I sewed eyes and a beak onto the front piece of material and sewed the wings which have 1 piece of crinkly bag in them.
I then layered a piece of wadding and 2 pieces of crinkly bag and then on the top the piece of patterned material with the eyes and beak sewn on, right side up and then the other piece of patterned material, right side down.
The wings were then pinned in the sides so they were inside the sandwich.
I then sewed all around the outside leaving a small part unsewn in the bottom to turn it the right side.
After turning the owl the right way, the bottom seam was sewn together on the machine.
Apologies for the blurry photo!
And for all those who have asked for a template of the owl I used on my clock- I haven't forgotten and will put it on here tomorrow.

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  1. Its lovely Wendy, what a clever idea to put the cereal paper inside. Great material too, nice & bright. x