Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Roll on spring!

I have altered two tins today to make them into 'Seed' tins. One will be used for myself and the other one is for a gift.
I also made chipboard dividers decorated with the same papers as I've used on the outside.
I have made some seed packets for collecting seeds from the garden. I made a template on the computer and printed the details and personalised them. I then printed and cut each one out and stuck them together. To finish them off I used a woodware stamp set which I've had for ages to add a couple of pictures of garden tools to each one which I then coloured in. To complete the gift I have decorated a simple notebook for collecting 'garden notes'
This is the tin I've made to give away (the other tin is very similar so I haven't bothered taking a picture!)


  1. Thats lovely and such a useful gift. I hope you got your swop decoration safely :-) Juliet

  2. Lovely Wendy, what a fab gift idea...x