Saturday, 16 January 2010

25th Club

I have made my first Christmas card of the year for the BF 25th club. Each month you make a Christmas card using a theme each month.
the theme for January is turquoise and swirls and something sparkly or shiny.
I made my card using a piece of everyday turquoise backing paper (as all the Christmas ones are packed away!), silver swirls cut from a quickutz die and a snowman cut from a sizzix die which has been chalked to give him some shading.
I don't think I've ever really used this snowman for a card even though I've had the die for a few years but now I've used him I'm sure I'll be using him lots as I love how he has turned out!
The only thing I'd change about this card is that I'd make the silver swirls overlap the circle instead of going behind it.


  1. Lovely card - and I like the swirls going behind the circle x

  2. Soo lovely!! Thanks to join my giveaway end to vote for the Xmas table competition!
    Good luck darling ^_^
    Hugs, Valeria

  3. What a lovely card Wendy. I think the snowman is great and i LOVE the swirls!! Can you use a quickutz die in a bigshot???
    Paddy x

  4. Love that snowman, great card.

  5. Fabulous card Wendy! The snowman looks great (love his little snowflake buttons!) and I like the swirls the way they are, too!

  6. You can use any die in a bigshot Paddy, You just need a different cutting plate

  7. Wonderful card Wendy - tee hee - I can now comment on your blog yippee!


  8. Aaww that's a lovely card Wendy, the snowman is fab xx