Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Christmas gift

I have made this counting book for my little niece for Christmas.
I bought a blank board book and covered each page with patterned paper. I then used various sizzix and cuttlebug dies to cut out the animal pictures. These were then stuck onto each page along with a number.
The pages were covered with sticky backed plastic to help keep it clean from grubby fingers! I'm not completely happy with how the plastic has 'bubbled' a bit around the pictures but overall I'm pleased with it and it'll be a book that I know she hasn't already got!
I haven't taken pictures of all the pages-just my favourite! The counting pages go up to 10.

Next time I make a board book I think I'll search around for bargain ready-printed story books and decorate over the pictures on them as they are a lot cheaper than buying a blank book!


  1. oh thats so cute Wendy, I'm sure she'll love it - I like the monkeys best I think. I keep meaning to get a laminater - I wonder if you could have put the pages through one first, then stuck them on the board book? Although it may have made the book too thick if you see what I mean

  2. Super cute book Wendy, perfect gift for a little one!

  3. I love the counting book Wendy. And those Christmas cards in your previous post are gorgeous.

    Jo xx

  4. Hi Wendy, just came by and say hello! Hugs, Renata.