Wednesday, 24 November 2010

More projects from months ago!

These cupcake beads were made for part of a swap. It's ages since I've played with fimo but I think after making these I need to go out and buy more! After baking the fimo I coated the icing part with clear varnish and sprinkled with a sparkly glitter.

This is the needle case I made for my swap partner on the 'Quilting Gallery'. I received a lovely one back from my swap partner.

This picture was my first try at needle felting


  1. ooo Wendy, those little cupcake beads are ingenious, I love them! Bet they would sell honey!

    Lovely little needlecase and your felting is brilliant...far better than my attempts! XXX

  2. oh Wendy, what lovely things you've made. those cupcake beads are adorable

  3. Wow Wendy those are gorgeous!! I love love love those cupcakes xx

  4. What super projects - love them all, but particularly the little cupcake beads x

  5. Those cupcake charms/beads are to die for! they are so cute!

    I agree with ^^ Karen, you should sell these, i bet they would go like 'hot cakes' (sorry!) :)

  6. Those cupcakes are adorable!
    I'v just found you via the Birthday Swap!
    Kandi x