Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hanging heart

The February theme on the Vanilla sugar blog over at Bubbly Funk is 'hanging hearts'. And yet again it's a challenge that has been done at the last minute!
I decided to make my heart using wire and beads something which i love working with.
I used silver wire to form a heart outline. I then threaded 5 long lengths of thin wire with pearl beads, knotted about an inch apart.
These wires were then wrapped around the heart shape over and over again.
The heart is hanging from another length of wire threaded with more pearl beads.
I love the finished effect and think some beaded hearts will look good at Christmas time made using gold wire and using red 'berry' beads.

A closer view of the heart


  1. Oh that is so beautiful Wendy.

  2. Wow Wendy! That is so gorgeous!
    Thanks for taking part in the challenge - March Challenge is now online........x

  3. Oh Wendy, this is gorgeous! Love your idea for Christmasy ones! Thank you for taking part in the challenge XXX

  4. Great crafting there Wendy - this would make a wonderful gift for a bride on her wedding day and what a fantastic idea for using red beads nearer to Christmas. :)